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New Hope Martial Arts Supply
New Hope Martial Arts Supply
823 6th Avenue 2nd floor (Between 28th & 29th Str.)
New York, NY 10001
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(212) 643-8216

(212) 643-8273
Opening Times
Monday to Saturday: 10AM - 7PM
Sunday: Closed

Formerly "Goodland", New Hope is New York City's leading martial arts supply store. Conveniently located within the heart of Manhattan, New Hope is just blocks away from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. China, the birth place of kung fu as we know it today, is known for its friendly people and many treasures such as the "Great Wall". Much like China, not only does New Hope have helpful and friendly people, they are also known for their own "Great Walls" filled with martial arts supplies. Always stocked in-house with a wide variety of uniforms and training equipment, New Hope also boasts one of the largest in-store selections with hundreds of martial arts books and videos. Two floors are packed from wall-to-wall with your favorite martial arts supplies. If you are in the NYC area, be sure to visit and browse their great selection. -April 2005 Editor

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